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By Jessica Adams.  From back cover: Mark Buckle thinks he's an ordinary bloke.  He teaches science at a junior high school in south London.  He'd rather read Stephen Hawking than his horoscope column, he's highly suspicious of Uri Geller, Mystic Meg and feng shui, and he wouldn't be seen dead at a seance.  Most importantly, he absolutely, positively doesn't believe in life after death.  Then, one terrible night, Mark's girlfriend Catherine dies in an accident and his whole world is thrown into chaos.

Within days of the funeral Catherine appears by his bedside and he finds himself communicating with her from beyond the grave.  Then, just when he's beginning to adjust to life with his ghostly girlfriend, she decides to send him someone new to love.

I'm a BelieverI  is a funny, moving and compulsive novel about love, life and what lies beyond.