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By Nicholas Spark

From back cover: "Dear John," the letter read. And with those two words, a heart was broken and two lives changed forever.
When Savannah Lynn Curtis comes into his life, John Tyree knows he is ready to turn over a new leaf.  An Angry rebel, he had enlisted in the army after high school, not knowing what else to do.  Then, during a furlough, he meets Savannah, the girl of his dreams.  The attraction is mutual and quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Savannah vowing to wait for John while he finishes his tour of duty.  But neither can foresee that 9/11 is about to change the world.  Like so many proud men and women, John must choose between love and country.  Now, when he finally returns to North Caroline, John will discover how love can transform us in ways we never could have imagined.